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Workshop in French

Session 1 on Monday 10 May at 19:00 Paris time (UTC+1)

Session 2 on  Monday 24 May at 19:00 Paris time (UTC+1)

Session 3 on  Monday 7 June at 19:00 Paris time (UTC+1)

Session 4 on  Monday 21 June at 19:00 Paris time (UTC+1)

Registration will close on the Thursday evening before each workshop session and

AITA/IATA will confirm if your registration has been accepted to attend the workshop.

Each 1.5 hour workshop session is for up to 30 people.  AITA/IATA and CLT hope to see a diverse range of people attend each workshop: diverse in terms of age, experience, country and Region of AITA/IATA.

Performative Theatre

by Cris Diniz

The Performative Theatre refers to a theatre influenced by the aesthetics of performance art.

The concept comes from Josette Féral who perceived a change in theatre after the development of performance art and some elements such as the present time, the stage presence of the actors and an aesthetic that refers to performance art but is still theatre. An example is the work of Spain Gólgota Picnic that you can see on YouTube. The part that interests us is the presence, the present time and the visual choices that dialogue with the dramaturgy, contributing to the mise en scene.

The Performative Theatre workshop will focus on the gaze of performative action and stage presence, a fundamental process of creation. This is a strategy of instrumentalising the actor to have the possibility of activating his presence. The path is the search for the gaze that performativity is part of the visualization of the scene. This research comes from the process of creation over 15 years, with more than 10 companies and 30 theatre performances. So Cris designed the methodology for this workshop while he was a university professor.

Session 1. Practice and theory

Practice and theory of the game on stage presence.

Session 2. Visualization of the scene.

Everything that can be seen in the show means something, body movement, background colour, or simple lighting like ambient light. A little theory and several practical exercises with objects in your environment.

Session 3. Presence and Visualization.

Practical exercise with objects from your environment and small creation.

Session 4. The look.

Work on stages whose development and scope imply changing the look of the stage presence and its visualisation.

ONLINE Theatre Training Workshop 3




Cris Diniz graduated in theatrical performance with further training in visual arts, at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Master of Arts in Performing Arts at Federal University of Ouro Preto, Ouro Preto, Brazil.

Cris was professor of directing, lighting and scenography in the performing arts course at the Federal University of São João del-Rei in 2012 and professor of cultural management and stage visualization at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in 2018.

Cris is currently coordinator of the Student Theater Festival, FETO, one of the creators and coordinators of A-Mostra.Lab, Curta Dança, Curta Jovens Directors, Latin American Group Theater Festival and Festival of Théâtre à la Maison is also the programmer for the last three events.

He creates lights and sets while aesthetically thinking of the visual dramaturgy of scenic play.

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