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ONLINE Theatre Training Workshop 2



Manuel Ortiz

Executive Director CLT

Graduated in Arts from the University of Chile, his training includes the FONDART study internship in Italy, Poland and Slovenia.

He has worked as an actor, director, and playwright at the Chilean National Theater, as well as in various professional companies. He has 8 works under his direction, which have been presented at various national and international festivals.

As a teacher he has worked at the University of Chile and the National University of Córdoba, among other training centers. In the management area, his work as Executive Producer of the CHILEMONOS International Animation Festival was particularly praised.

Workshop in English

Session 1 on Monday 15 March at 19:00 Paris time (UTC+1)

Session 2 on  Monday 29 March at 19:00 Paris time (UTC+1)

Session 3 on  Monday 12 April at 19:00 Paris time (UTC+1)

Session 4 on  Monday 26 April at 19:00 Paris time (UTC+1)

Registration will close on the Thursday evening before each workshop session and

AITA/IATA will confirm if your registration has been accepted to attend the workshop.

Each 1.5 hour workshop session is for up to 30 people.  AITA/IATA and CLT hope to see a diverse range of people attend each workshop: diverse in terms of age, experience, country and Region of AITA/IATA.

The Actor Author

by Manuel Ortiz

Actors are one of the main creators in the scene. Sometimes, depending on the style, they are the most important creator.

We will work with different creative strategies and dynamics to give the actor the skills to create scene material for his or her character.

The workshop will focus on the action as the main component in the actor’s performance.

Actions are for actors as notes are for musicians.

Session 1. The Nature of an Action.

Action as a re-action. The action’s layers: narrative layer, dynamic layer, emotional layer.

Action & situation. The 6 questions (What, Where, When, Why, Who and How).

Session 2. Sources for Building an Action.

Alchemy of the action. Different sources for building an action: Paintings, pictures, memories, etc.

Session 3. An action with Purpose.

The actor’s point of view. Breaking the fourth wall. Brecht’s distancing effect. The character gestus

(a gesture or movement used by the actor that captures a moment or attitude rather than delving into emotion).

Session 4. My personal action.

Developing a scene from an action created with personal material from each student.

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