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Our Members: National Centres

An important change has been made to the membership system of AITA/IATA asbl at the Lingen General Assembly in 2018.

A National Centre Member is a network, a concentrator of activities, local and global, working proactively in the field of amateur theatre.  It is an official body representing amateur theatre activity on a national level or in a self-governing territory which is part of a country.  

Due to specific political structures in some countries, more than one National Centre Member can be accepted as a representative body for amateur theatre in self-governing territories that are parts of these countries.

National Centres Members network with amateur theatre organisations throughout their country or self-governing territory. They communicate and co-ordinate information from AITA/IATA asbl to these organisations. National Centre Members have 6 votes at General Assembly.

The annual Membership Fee for National Centre Members is as follows:

National Centre Member in HDI Category 1 (Very High) Country    € 350

National Centre Member in HDI Category 2 (High) Country              € 250

National Centre Member in HDI Category 3 (Medium) Country        € 150

National Centre Member in HDI Category 4 (Low) Country               €   25

For reference 2018 HDI (Human Development Index United Nations) ranking information is available HERE.

Summary of the 2018 HDI report in English only.

National Center Member Application Form in English, French and Spanish

To become a Member National Centre of your country or self-governing territory, an organisation first has to be proposed by Council to and accepted by the General Assembly of AITA/IATA asbl