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2020 March 4 - March 8

Fomento, CUBA

XXXI Olga Alonso

Amateur Theatre Festival 2020

Open Call for XXXI Olga Alonso Amateur Theatre Festival 2020.

The Provincial Direction of Culture of Sancti Spíritus, The National Council of Cultural Houses, The Municipal Direction of Culture, The Cultural House Olga Alonso in Fomento Municipality and AITA/IATA-CUBA (International Amateur Theatre Association) invite you to the Olga Alonso Festival that will take place in Fomento, Cuba from March 4th to March 8th 2020.


• The call is open to Small Theater Performances and other specialties associated with performing art of young artists and adults (up to 8 people, staff included).

• The performance should not exceed 45 minutes.

• The plays will have to be performed in open air as well as in theatres: launch your proposal.

• We invite you to send all relevant information on your performance to the festival organisers. The Art Commision of the Festival will check your proposals and proceed to the selection of the groups that will be attending the Olga Alonso.

• Those that will be attending the Festival should be able to present a workshop that will be included in the official programme.

• The organising committee will be receiving your proposals on the following e-mails:

yasma.morejon@gmail.com mas.teatross@gmail.com

The Festival can assist you with the promotion of your production if you bring your flyers and posters as we cannot print that here in Cuba.

Please be aware that due to the economical and financial restrictions Cuba has, limitations in access to technology. Our equipment is old fashioned and might appear obsolete to you. In case you need special items for your performances, think about bringing it to Cuba.

• Those selected to participate on the event will receive a registration form by e-mail.

• Once registered you will be able to participate in all the activities shown in the official programme and you could also be able to attend other activities that might be organized in Fomento for the occasion.

Foreign groups must cover the international travel to and from Cuba.

Each participant will have to pay a 30 CUC registration fee. Payments will be done through the Paradiso Agency online Payment System that will be announced once selected.

The Festival guarantees your cultural visas, internal transfers, housing and food during the event. For obvious reasons, the Festival cannot guarantee special needs in food providing like Veggies, Vegan or Gluten Free products.

Thank you, and be all of you welcomed in Cuba.

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